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Darlene Brooks Thomas

                                                                                                                Darlene Brooks Thomas is the CEO of Motherlearned, LLC. -

A socially-aware consulting firm. Providing educational and media tools and coaching services to empower parents. 


Author, Parent Mentor & Mothers' Advocate, Darlene  leads the  efforts for the Motherlearned  Mission to Break Generational Cycles that have long plagued our communities.



*Partnerships with nonprofit organizations, schools, prenatal programs, hospitals, libraries


*Education readiness consulting for parents with children ages from 3 to 25 years old


*Workshops to transform parents into teachers for their children, explaining the importance of parent/school/teacher/administration engagement and providing tools to become the student's advocate


*Group Discussions to share & express concerns, respectful exchange of ideas and creating solutions.


*Available as Keynote Speaker, Panelist and Media Commentator from a  Parenting Expert with over 30 years of experience.


*Darlene has 20+ years of Media, Writing, Production, On-Camera, Public Speaking & Project Management experience



The CEO of Motherlearned is a MotivationalSpeaker/Mothers' Advocate—and a loving, dedicated mother who raised four prodigious children. Though she has achieved success in the worlds of politics, sports, and entertainment, she considers motherhood her greatest accomplishment in life and wrote  "A Mother’s Manual" to help encourage and uplift others to become the best parents/guardians they can be.  As a media consultant and public relations professional, she has lived and worked in Oakland, Los Angeles; New York; Chicago; Washington, DC and Atlanta. A certified crisis counselor, she also travels the nationally and globally  to speak and support causes that benefit women and children who have experienced, single parenting, poverty and/or domestic abuse. Darlene is happily  married to Terry Thomas, M.A., MFTI. Terry is a licensed Mental Health Clinician & Suicide Prevention Counselor and father of two amazing, accomplished daughters.

Fun fact

*Learned is the anagram for Darlene

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