Darlene Brooks Thomas is an Author, Parent Coach/Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Mothers Advocate—and a loving mother to four wonderful children. Though she has achieved success in the worlds of politics, sports, and entertainment, she considers motherhood her greatest accomplishment in life and wrote the book - A Mother’s Manual to help encourage and uplift other mothers to become the best parents they can be.  As a media consultant and public relations professional, she has lived and worked in Los Angeles; New York; Chicago; Washington,DC and Atlanta. A certified crisis counselor, she also travels the world frequently to speak and advocate for causes benefiting women, children, and individuals dealing with domestic abuse. Darlene is happily married to Terry Thomas, a Mental Health Clinician, Suicide Prevention Counselor and father of two amazing daughters.


Bianca Brooks graduated in 2018 with honors from Columbia University.  She has been a journalist since the age of 14. She has produced stories for NPR, National Geographic and The Huffington Post. Bianca is the youngest contracted Op-Ed Contributor for the The New York Times. She hosts a podcast "Ask Viv" on Soundcloud & ITunes. She owns a Media Consulting company in New York City.