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             A Mother's Manual 


Expecting a child is one of the biggest turning points of any person’s life. But while the terminology around this happy event can be a bit baby-centric, the process of “having a baby” is only the very beginning.


That baby is going to grow into a child, a teenager, and beyond—a unique individual with his or her own needs, wants, and fears. And as a mother, your responsibility is to nurture and give that child the best life you possibly can—to shape the future of your family, and maybe even the world as a whole, for generations to come.


Being a good mother and raising a healthy, happy, and productive human being can seem an overwhelming, thankless challenge at times. And if your own parents did not give you a positive example to learn from, the task can be even more difficult.


 A Mother’s Manual serves as a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide for mothers everywhere—whether you’re looking to break an inter-generational cycle and give your child the joyful, loving childhood you never had or you’re just looking to ensure a brighter future for the children you love so much.

Sample Passages from A Mother's Manual

Teach your children to speak, read, write & count… before they start school.                                                                         You are their first teacher and home is their first school. 

 Be keenly aware of your children’s  emotional state (pain, depression,  sadness or  confusion). 


 Such awareness will allow you to step in with love & understanding to comfort  and give them the help they need.


 Always remember to be your child’s best role  model.  This is one of your main  responsibilities.                                                                                                        Your actions, along with your behavior and  deeds, should be their example to follow.

Recognize, compliment, Celebrate & reward your children’s achievements.

This will serve as rocket fuel for them to soar infinitely through life and succeed in everything they do.                                                                          2 

Build and constantly reinforce strong self

 esteem in your children.       


Self esteem is a key component of successand is central to everything; behavior, thoughts, as well as how they value themselves

Guard your children from criminal, illicit or immoral people, and environments.


Many children are influenced or harmed daily by such exposure

Say the words “I love you” to your children, every chance you get.


These simple, yet powerful three words, serve as food and music for their soul— and can never be heard too much. easy.

Do not give your children more material things, than you give time, attention and affection.


Things are not love, and can cause a distorted sense of which is more valuable.

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